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Robert VanBeekum

Robert VanBeekum #64
UTV Racer

Robert has been racing UTV’s since 2006. He has raced numerous series over the last few years including the Championship Off Road Racing Series, Lucas Offroad Racing Series, Whiplash Off Road Racing, King of the Hammers & Best in the Desert Series

Thank you for visiting my page be sure to check back to see the latest updates, results and photos.

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2017 AZOP Pro UTV 2nd place in Series Points
2016 LOORRS AZ Regional Champion
2016 LOORRS Cup Champion
2016 AZOP Pro UTV Champion
2014 LOORRS Cup Champion
2013 WORC Pro UTV Cup Champion
2012 LOORRS Cup Champion
2011 LOORRS 2nd Place in Series Points
2010 LOORRS Race For The Cup Champion
2010 LOORRS 3rd Place in Series Points
2009 CORR 2nd Place in Series Points
2008 CORR 2nd Place in Series Points
2007 AZ Pro UTV Champion