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Demon Powersports HD Axles


Please email us at sales@xtrememf.com or call us at 623.465.9689 for availability.


Demon Axle Features

  • High strength Chromoly steel shaft: Provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and withstands the extreme conditions during off-road riding.
  • Large diameter of the axle and CV-joint: Approximately 15-20% increase in axle diameter depending on application. Approximately 10-15% increase in CV-joint size depending on application to allow more potential for articulation.
  • Wider articulation angels: Inboard joint uses Ball-joint or Double-offset joint that provides 1.5″ max travel and allows up to 40° articulation.
  • Outboard joint adopts Ball-joint type of CV-joint: To allow for 0.5″ max travel, together with 45° to 47° articulation 6-ball type of Ball-joint.
  • Temperature Resistant TPEE Boot: Made of Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer, our boots offer ideal strength and stiffness with dynamic flex fatigue and puncture resistance as well as a broad service temperature range.
  • Precision CNC Machines Surface: All our axles are made from precision manufactured and polished components providing superior balance and overall operating performance.
  • Ready To Install: Direct OEM replacement that comes complete & ready to install.

Demon Axle Series

HD (Heavy Duty) Series

  • OE fitment, no modification of vehicle required.
  • Built with stronger components than OE – higher grade material and/or larger in size.
  • TPEE boot – resistant to tearing/creep/abrasion, wider working temperature, better than Neoprene boot.

HD-ET (Heavy Duty Extended) Series

  • Includes all benefits of HD line.
  • Comes in longer length than stock (+3″, +4″, +5″, +6″).
  • For vehicles with life kits. h