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Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Utah | RD 1 & 2

Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Utah | RD 1 & 2

Team XMF headed to Utah for the season opener

With a packed load of three RZR 170’s and three RZR 570’s, it would be a long haul, but worth every mile to watch the kids race and enjoy some cool weather.

RZR 170 Class

This is Jennifer Owens favorite track to race at, so it was no surprise she was going to go for it. She would qualify in 3rd position and with a zero inversion she had her work cut out for her. But boy did she show her driving skills in this race. She put everything into it and was able to capitalize when she needed to which resulted in a great race to watch and a first place finish for her. Congratulations! Well deserved.

Carson Greco’s first time at the Utah track didn’t faze him one bit. He would qualify first and start on the front row, with one of his best races yet he would battle hard to maintain the lead. But with just a little mistake leaving the door open, he would finish up in 2nd position and best fast lap for the day, Great job Carson!

TJ Siewers would round out the top three for podium, with Zoe Easton making great improvements with every race staying consistent and gaining momentum would finish the race in 6th position. Timothy Jones Jr would have a great qualifying but unfortunately in the race he would have a mechanical issue and would finish in 8th. Great job everyone.

RZR 570 Class

It would be Ryder Chapman coming on strong all weekend in his RZR 570. With a 2nd place qualifying position he would start on the front and not look back. He gave it everything the car had and then some and earned the top spot on the box. Congratulations Ryder on your 1st place. Great Job!

Jessie Owens was close behind with top position in qualifying, she knew her work was cut out for her with her toughest competition staring beside her. Just as they did in the RZR 170’s, Jessie and Ryder were at it hard with Jessie finishing in a very close 2nd position.

Ruslan Yankilevich would also make the long trip to Utah, showing up in his new XMF RZR 570. Ruslan did great and has a lot of potential. With a little more driving coaching, he is going to be one to watch out for. He would round out the field in a 3rd position.

We had the pleasure this weekend of working with Ken Block from the Hoonigans, as his daughter Lia has taken an interest in Off road racing. We were able to rent them a car for the weekend, courtesy of Riley Hein Thank You. Lia did an awesome job she had never driven a RZR 570 before, and to come out and compete and race against drivers that have been doing it for some time, she did great!!

RZR 170 Class

TJ Siewers would place 1st for round 2 on Sunday, congratulations well done. Carson Greco again would be out front running hard and battling with TJ making for a great race to watch. He would give it his all and finish up in 2nd position, good job kiddo.

Jennifer Owens would qualify in 2nd position for day two, and would run a good race, she would fall back a bit on momentum and wasn’t able to stay up with the boys, but she still pushed hard maintaining a 3rd position until the finish line. Well done.

Timothy Jones Jr would have a much better day and finish in 4th position, again Zoe Easton doing great for her first time at this track would finish up in 7th position. As well as her little sister Ali Easton giving it a try for a few laps.

RZR 570 Class

Day two was a little more eventful for the RZR 570 class, but not for Ryder Chapman. After a very early caution he would take the lead for most of the race. Thus, until Jessie would come give him some competition. With a few swaps back and forth, Ryder Chapman would put on top of the box for the second day in a row. Huge Congrats Ryder for your back to back wins in Utah.

Jessie Owens would qualify first, unfortunately her driver side kick out decided to want to come off on the first lap in, there was a yellow due to another driver rolling so this enabled her some time for pit crew Matt Rhodes to remove the kick out under the caution. However, she would have to start from the back making for an exciting race to watch as she was definitely on a mission. Making her way up to Ryder Chapman again battling it out she would finish up in 2nd position again. Great driving Jessie.

Lia Block and Ruslan Yankilevich had their own battle going on for 3rd and 4th position, with a little roll from Ruslan in the beginning of the race, he quickly recovered to try for another podium. With both of them racing hard, it was Lia Block’s turn for the podium finishing up in 3rd position and Ruslan right behind in 4th. Great job to both of you.