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Lucas Oil Regional So Cal | RD 1 & 2

Lucas Oil Regional So Cal | RD 1 & 2

First Race of the Season for the Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen Raceway in California was a fantastic way to start off the season in short coarse racing.

The long haul to California didn’t hold the XMF team back with several cars in multiple classes. All the kids did amazing and are such a blast to watch these youngsters give it their all. With 22 RZR 170’s to take the field and kids 6 years young, there is sure to be ups downs cartwheels and tears.

RZR 170 Class

Wild Bailee Christian was on the charge and up to third position until she spun out, but she will soon to be on the podium finishing in 7th Position overall. Little Carson Greco is fearless! His first short coarse race ever and he doesn’t disappoint with a Top 10 Finish after showing us he can cart wheel his car in qualifying.

Parker Christian was close behind with a smooth run, placing in 11th. Jennifer Owens was giving it her all and would finish in 13th Place, later to find out her throttle cable was coming loose. Tatum Foerster in the one and only Lightning Xtreme car would debut in his first race ever as he gave it his all and got comfortable being out on the track for the first time, finishing in 21st Place.

Mod Kart Class

Luke Knupp would qualify in 4th Position and with a pill draw of four this would put him on the Pole position for the start of the race. It was all Luke driving an amazing race. He didn’t look back and took home his first career Mod Kart Win. Whoo hoo!

UTV Unlimited Class

Jessie Owens brought her brand new RZR 570 to the track to put in some seat time. Lee Perfect was gracious and allowed Jessie to run with the big boys in the Unlimited UTV class. With a spin out in turn 3, she held on and had a blast she would finish in 2nd Place.

RZR 170 Class

Parker Christian was smooth and consistent all weekend, as he would qualify and finish in 9th Position for Sundays race. Carson Greco is getting more and more comfortable with his car, and was passing cars left and right, with a finish in 12th Position. Bailee Christian was again charging hard to the front, unfortunately due to an incident on the track she would end up cart wheeling her car. Thankfully she was able to keep it going and would finish out the race in 17th Position.

Jennifer Owens wasn’t going to hold anything back! With starting the race in 14 positions back, she shortly gained track time heading to 7th position. She was a little too aggressive, which according to officials resulted in a black flag. This would put her in 19th Place overall.  Little Tatum Foerster showed us his car is Lightning fast he would make some passes, finishing out the race in 20th Position.

UTV Unlimited Class

Jessie Owens is gaining more confidence in her new car and was doing great, she even managed to cartwheel in qualifying and keep going without anybody catching it… She once again would be smooth sailing on the track with a larger field due to combining classes, however this did not intimidate her she would end up in 2nd Position again.

Photo Credit: Eric Minks –  SnM Media