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Lucas Oil Regional AZ | Round 3, AZOP Winslow Grand Prix, Best in the Desert Silver State 300

Lucas Oil Regional AZ | Round 3, AZOP Winslow Grand Prix, Best in the Desert Silver State 300

With Team XMF competing in three different series, there was a lot to talk about and plenty of ups and downs.

 We had drivers competing in the Lucas Oil Arizona Regional Series short course, the Best in the Desert Silver State 300 and the AZOP Winslow Grand Prix desert races.With soaring temperatures and some intense racing it was an event filled weekend

Lucas Oil Regional AZ | Round 3
RZR 170 Class

Congratulations to Carson Greco with only a few races under him he would qualify in 2nd Position and run a solid race putting his new designed 170 up on top of the box with his first win of the season. Great Job Carson. TJ Siewers and Chaden Zane Minder both in XMF cars would round out top 3 positions.

Ryder Vanbeekum qualified 8th and would run a hard battle making his way up to a 5th place finish. Little Jennifer Owens qualified in 4th position, she would maintain 4th throughout the race until the final lap she would take her first ever solo flip resulting her in a 7th place finish. Tatum Foerster ran awesome in qualifying putting him in a 5th place starting position, and he would give it his all finishing up the race in 9th position. Ballie Christian, Zoe Easton and Hudson McCormick finished up the field with 10th, 11th and a 12th. Congratulations to all the kids who participated always such a fun race to watch.

RZR 570 Class

With a growing class and such young talented drivers this race was full of excitement and battles. Ryder Chapman would take the lead with Jessie Owens right behind, followed by Ruslan Yankilevich. Shortly into the race the top two positions would make contact thus allowing Jessie Owens to get by putting her in the lead for the rest of the race. Congratulations Jessie on the win.

Ryder Vanbeekum would drive one heck of race giving it his all, and showing he can handle his new RZR 570 putting it up on the box with a 2nd place finish. Allie Christian in only her 3rd race was running the smoothest and strongest she has all season, she would manage to tip it over in turn four but would still get to go up on the podium with a 3rd place finish. Resulting in a Team XMF Sweep for the RZR 570 Class.

Our newest team member Ruslan Yankilevich was excited about his new car, perhaps a little too excited, and unfortunately due to an incident early in the race he would have to serve a black flag thus putting him a lap down and finishing in 4th position. Ryder Chapman would finish out the field with a 6th place.

Mod Kart Class

The Mod Kids always put on an exciting race with lots of action. These young kids are so talented and a blast to watch you never know what might happen on the track. This weekend Mia Chapman would charge hard she would qualify in 3rd position and with a draw of two she would also start the race in third. It was an all out battle from the start but it would be Bronsen Chiaramonte and Mia Chapman for the run. Mia Chapman was on the move for first unfortunately on the final lap they would get tangled up together and Mia would end up going over. She was able to finish the race with an 8th place and the fastest lap time for the evening. Ethan Ebert in his new Mod Kart and only 2nd Race he has competed in ran a great race with a fourth place starting position he would maintain his spot and run a consistent race leaving him in a 4th place finish, well done.

AZOP – Winslow Grand Prix
RZR 570 Class

Team Driver Riley Hien would represent the XMF crew out at the Winslow Grand Prix in her RZR 570. With very silty track conditions it would make for a tough race with poor visibility. But not for Riley she would get the hole shot and not look back as she continued to lead the rest of the race until the checkered flag, Congratulations Riley on your 1st place, great job!

Best in the Desert – Silver State 300
UTV Turbo Class

Robert Vanbeekum would take to the Silver State for a brutal 300 mile desert course across the dessert up in Nevada this was no armature track with temperatures high and a challenging coarse. Robert would take to the line In a 13 place starting position and would quickly make his way to the front where he would maintain this lead for some time, unfortunately he would lose a tire  putting him back to second position. But he would shortly make ground and  catch the lead, unfortunately again due to the terrain and poor visibility he would have to rear off coarse. Which resulted in him hitting a unseen tree trunk and putting them out of the race at mile 184.5  not able to finish.

Photo Credit (Lucas Oil Regional AZ): Eric Minks – SnM Media
Photo Credit (BITD Silver State 300): Harlen Foley