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AZOP Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles

AZOP Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles

The Xtreme Machine & Fabrication Racers hit the gas hard this weekend at AZOP Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles in Wickenburg

RZR 170 Class

This weekend kicked off with a packed field with 24 Rzr 170’s racing for 30 minutes on a 2.5 mile desert coarse. The kids gave it all they could with minimal areas to be able to pass and dust limiting their view. This track would be sure to put them to the ultimate challenge. They all did amazing and would like to congratulate all the drivers for going out and giving it their best! But in the end, there would be three that would hold their place at the podium.

Ryder Chapman started mid pack but proved that it wasn’t going to stop him! He was flat out pedal to the floor, ending the race on the top spot of the podium with 1st Place. Congratulations Ryder! Parker Christian is loving the desert racing. He is on the podium again this weekend with a 3rd Place finish and will put him as a top contender for the championship. Baliee Christian is showing she can hang with the boys and finishes with a 5th Place position just seconds behind her brother.

Jessie Owens was running hard passing half the field but her cars gremlins would get her yet again. She still managed to cross the finish line in 6th Place. Ryder Vanbeekum was on the gas and doing everything he could to pass when he had a chance, finishing with 7th Place. Jennifer Owens was giving it her all and would finish out the race in 15th Place. Carson Greco at only his 2nd race is doing awesome! He made some passes and held his own with a 17th Place finish. Ian Kowalski showed up is his HiSun 250 for a shake down of the new car, unfortunately would run into some troubles and would not be able to start the race due to a shoulder injury.

RZR 570 Class

This was an exciting early morning race for the XMF drivers as they were debuting their brand new RZR 570’s. As they would race on the same coarse as Saturday’s race, they were more familiar with the coarse with a 9 car count. Driver Luke Knupp filling in for Ian Kowalski giving the HiSun a chance for a shake down.

It was all Ryder Chapman again! Ryder once again is proving that starting in the back can sometimes be an advantage in the dusty desert with clean air in front of him. He was wide open with no fear and would finish his second race with another 1st Place Win. What a great start for the 570 class.

Jessie Owens couldn’t wait to get in her new 570 and showed she is true contender. With just seconds behind, she finished strong in 2nd Place. Luke Knupp would push the HiSun 250 hard, and although a lap down, finished in 5th Position. Ryder Vanbeekum, with his dad as his co-pilot, was on the gas so much so that he drove the wheels off his brand new 570! While literally losing a wheel more than half way in, Ryder still finished with 7th Place. Congratulations to all!

UTV Pro Class

This was a dueling race with a 25 mile loop out in the desert. They would need to complete 4 laps at nearly 45 minutes per lap. Robert VanBeekum would be running in the UTV Pro class and our very own Matt Rhodes would be running his first desert race in the Non Turbo class. This was a packed field with over 43 cars total in various classes to start the race.

Robert VanBeekum was first across the line at the start of the race, but shortly after his first pit stop, he had a mechanical issue. Robert was able to come back to the pits for a look over and fix the issue, only to have it break down again 3 miles out. This would be the end of the day for Robert and would finish in 8th Position in the UTV Pro Class. Matt Rhodes was on the gas for his first ever desert race. Racing in a loaned car from Denise Jean, he would prove to be a competitor as he came across the line his first lap in 12th position up from a starting place of 31 cars back. Unfortunately the coarse would do him in with a flat tire also 3 miles out on the second lap. He would end up with a 21st Place finish.

Photo Credit: Wormhole Racing