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AZOP Quartzsite Grand Prix

AZOP Quartzsite Grand Prix

The Xtreme racers battled it out on Saturday and Sunday at the AZOP Quartzsite Grand Prix.

Most of Team XMF were at the Mint 400 some experiencing it for the first time. This gave them an opportunity to see what the future can hold for them and a chance to meet sponsors and possibly gain new ones. With lots of carnage left from Saturday’s race, it was a scramble for parents to get cars ready for Sunday. Currently in the AZOP series there is not a split class for the RZR 170’s between a big bore and stock, some very impressive results from the drivers racing up against faster built cars.

RZR 170 Class

Bailee Christian had an awesome race and was able to place 3rd up against two bigger cars. Unfortunately for Carson Greco and Parker Christian, they both lost transmissions due to a rough track. This put Carson in 11th Position and Parker in 12th Position.

RZR 170 Class

Great battles out on the track as Ryder Chapman would put it on the box with a 3rd Place finish! Jennifer Owens raced her heart out with one of the best desert races she has ran. She was running up front for quite some time, until her little arms got tired, finishing in 7th Place. Jessie Owens would follow behind with a 9th Place finish, due to a chain coming off towards the end. Jessie was able to get it put back on and finish.

Parker Christian was running good but was a bit hesitant to push to hard, as he lost a transmission the day before, finishing in 10th Place. Ryder Vanbeekum would finish the race in 11th Place. Following behind him was Carson Greco in 12th and Bailee Christian in 13th.

RZR 570 Class

It was a top four sweep for the XMF Team RZR 570 class! Three of the drivers had to run their 170, then jump in the 570 for a back to back race with over an hour out on the track. It was impressive to watch these young kids go for it!

But it was all Jessie Owens who would take the hole shot and not look back. Jessie finished on top of the box in 1st Position. Woo Hoo! Ryder Chapman gave it his all and would finish 2nd Position and Riley Hein in 3rd. Ryder Vanbeekum would complete the team with a 4th Place finish.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Barrett – Captured Moments Photography