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AZOP Prescott Valley

AZOP Prescott Valley

Great weekend away from the Phoenix heat, with gorgeous weather up in Prescott Valley and some challenging track conditions, great friends and customers made this an eventful weekend!

RZR 570 Class

The RZR 570 would start the morning off early and the first class to hit the track, with plenty of water laid down the night before this made it a bit interesting for the young drivers. But some mud wasn’t going to hold these young guns back from giving it there all.

Jessie Owens would have to start on the 2nd row back, but she would take the hole shot next to Ryder Vanbeekum with a few battles back and forth it would be Jessie to pull out from the pack. Shortly making ground on Riley Hein who was currently in the lead. Still quit a distance away but running stronger then ever Jessie managed to cross the line in first due to timing. Congratulations on the win.

Riley Hein running an awesome race gave it her all she would get the hole shot off the start in her group and didn’t look back. She was up front the entire race, made a few little mistakes here and there, but overall on a very muddy course she did great and pulled off a Second Place finish. To round out the XMF Team Sweep Ryder Vanbeekum was on his A game and wasn’t afraid of getting muddy. He would give it his all and at only 9 years old racing a RZR 570 would finish the race in 3rd Position, Well done.

RZR 170 Class

Well we weren’t sure what to expect for this race. With a group protest the evening prior due to poor track conditions for these little cars it would be interesting to see how the little kids would hold up on such rough bumps.

First of Congratulations to Vincent Riccitellli for hanging in their and winning. For the XMF Team little Jennifer Owens gave it her all, with wanting to throw in the towel several times and quit she didn’t… With a sore back she pushed hard and would finish in 9th Position we are very proud of her for not giving up. Carson Greco after about 5 laps in decided to call it a win and pulled off to watch the rest of his competitors.

Adult Pit Bike Race

Gotta give it up to our employee Matt Rhodes for going for the challenge.  Not only was the pit bike not running hours before the race with a complete rebuilt top end, he would give the competitors a run for the money.  With carnage everywhere and plenty of laughs, Matt would finish in a solid 2nd Position for his class.  Woo hoo way to show them how it’s done!

RZR 570 Class

With another early morning rise and a very watered track it would make these young drivers work hard as none of them are used to such muddy conditions, so we commend all who participated.

Jessie Owens would start on the first line for this mornings race and would again take the hole shot. This time with water puddles to go thru made a fun race to watch for the spectators, but boy did it put their driving skills to the test. With a few extra hundred pounds of weight, Jessie would show the crowd how it’s done with some excellent driving. She would take the lead and not look back. Congratulations on another win.

Again, Riley Hein and Ryder Vanbeekum would push hard with both of them running an amazing race and managing their way thru a slick course. They would finish in 2nd Position for Riley Hein and 3rd for Ryder Vanbeekum giving the Team XMF another podium sweep. Great job guys and girls!

RZR 170 Class

Unfortunately, with poor track conditions and a race the following weekend, both Jennifer Owens and Carson Greco decided so sit this race out, but both enjoyed watching their competitors.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Barrett – Captured Moments Photography