Since 2004, Jimmy Owen's XtremeMachine & Fabrication (XMF) has been the leader in the manufacturing of UTV suspensions, cages, parts and accessories. Contact us today to get started.
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Who is XtremeMF
The leader in Off-Road manufacturing

Since 2004, Jimmy Owens’s Xtreme Machine & Fabrication (XMF) has been the leader in the manufacturing of UTV suspensions, cages, parts and accessories. Starting with a custom built hydraulic tubing bender in Jimmy’s garage, XMF has grown to a full machine, fabrication and service shop that specializes in custom UTV, sand car, and off-road race preparation.

Everything XMF creates is not just made in America, but made right here in Arizona by a carefully selected team that is dedicated to the art of creating the best parts with exceptional service. Whether you’re looking for your personal UTV, something for whole family to enjoy or needing the expertise that over 25 years of experience can bring to your Xtreme projects, XMF is your one stop shop.

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Synonymous with Racing & Winning

XMF is synonymous with UTV racing and winning. After they designed a long travel suspension kit for UTV racing, they continued to use their prior experience in racing to not just make parts that help teams win, but XMF began providing trackside support for their customers. They’ve also been known to assist other race teams and privateer racers with parts and labor on the track. This commitment to racing lead XMF to sponsor teams, which has been very competitive and seen numerous wins and trips to the podium.

Race Team

But it’s not just individuals that put their faith in XMF. Jimmy and his team at XMF are also a major distributor of parts that they manufacture in their shop to dealers all over the southwest. From their famous convex mirrors, that completely revolutionized the market, to their superior suspension kits, cages and bumpers. Diversification is also a key component of XMF’s success, using their expertise and skills to manufacture various products in other industries, such as motorcycle parts and testing equipment for vehicle manufacturers.

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Xtreme Machine & Fabrication is the place for all your machining and fabrication needs. As you go through this site and see all that XMF has too offer, feel free to contact Jimmy’s team with any question, concern and/or manufacturing need you may have. They are always up for an Xtreme challenge!